Software Support Services

In today’s scenario it is essential to have an updated software. MI offers expert software support services which help defend unexpected problems and get you back online whilst something does go erroneous. We make sure that you acquire the complete value from your software so that you can focus on your business. Our software experts have defined their operation clearly and concisely to support your business processes and maximize the return on your software investment. MI’s software support services offer remote troubleshooting capabilities, installation assistance, and basic usability assistance. With us, you will have access to software support updates, patch releases and minor functionality enhancements.

MI provides world-class software support services to its clients, offering 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level support services for software developed by any third party vendor. MI has developed cutting-edge and well-defined software support services that allow us to efficiently capture the software environment as well as the business activity. Our processes and teams have been built on a foundation that begins with the idea of a hands-on approach to software support. Our methodologies focus on reliable stability and long-term functionality to avoid issues related to software support. Our Support Services include direct access to qualified, knowledgeable, and reliable software engineers through flexible support options to ensure timely and effective issue resolution. This overall approach has consistently permitted our clients to reduce recurring costs while maximizing uptime and availability.

Latest requirements, protection patches, and software advancements, together with legal and regulatory standards, are being offered regularly. MI offers Expert Software Support Services to reduce the complication of keeping your software updated and ensure that you receive the full benefit from your software. MI enables you to avoid complications before they impact the business. If an issue does occur, we will examine and resolve it swiftly. Our customers get priority attention, assured availability of technical resources and software upgrades. We makes it stress-free for you to safeguard your software systems from risks by installing the latest security patches. MI software support is the right way to reduce software system total cost of ownership and ensure useful improvements and optimizations. When you have a software problem, we’re here to help.

Key Features

  • Analysis & Diagnosis
  • Issue detection
  • New releases & updates
  • Flexible support channel (phone, e-mail etc.)
  • Upgraded productivity using our 24×7 software support services
  • Initial software installation support
  • Timely and ongoing software support
  • Timely, reliable release of upgrades, Software patches, supportability enhancements and bug fixes
  • Access to the pool of certified software professionals and subject matter experts
  • Tier 1, 2 and 3 support services